Is ssi disability taxable?

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Is VA disability pay taxable?

No, Department of Veterans Affairs disability benefits are not taxable income. Internal Revenue Service Publication 907 instructs that a military retiree's gross income does not include disability ... Read More »

Are short term disability benefit payments taxable for an employer provided and paid short term disability plan?

Answer Yes, all employer paid benefits and wages are taxable. There is a way around that if you are an executive. 4lifeguild

Are disability payments taxable?

According to, this depends on the type of disability payment you receive. Disability payments from private policies are not taxable, but employer-sponsored plans are. However, public d... Read More »

Is SSI disability income taxable?

If you file your federal income tax return as an individual and receive Social Security benefits but you're married and the combined income shared between you and your spouse exceeds $25,000 a year... Read More »