Is "spybot" good for our computer or does it harm it?

Answer Spybot-Search & Destroy (Spybot-S&D) is a popular malware, spyware and adware removal program, which is free. download here can fix problems with system in... Read More »

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Does offing your computer through pressing the button of your CPU will do harm to the computer,what harm issit?

Could corrupt data on your hard drive but as long as you keep a back up of anything important you should be OK, If you are very unlucky it could be a system file that gets damaged and you may have ... Read More »

Do computer games do more harm than good?

On One Hand: Positive EffectsComputer games can have several positive attributes. Although benefits are dependent on the game being played, games with movement or puzzles have been shown to improve... Read More »

Hey!! Does anyone know what Limewire is Is it free Does it harm your computer at all?

Limewire is a file sharing program. It is free and if you stay away from movies you should be fine. Movies tend to have viruses attached to them. Limewire is alright but you should get soulseek ins... Read More »

Why does google say this site may harm your computer?

wtf i was freaking out because this just happened to me 5 minutes ago i restarted my computer and still nothing!!! what the heck google i came on here to see what the problem was? i thought i had g... Read More »