Is sprite much better for you than dr pepper?

Answer It's not necessarily better for you, but I think changing your habits would be easier if you changed to something similar, like sprite, and then to water.I think it's a good plan, just make sure yo... Read More »

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What do u like BETTER, dr.pepper, coke,sprite, big red, or water?

Why does sprite from restaurants taste different than sprite from the bottle?

Restaurants use a fountain which requires the syrup and carbonated water. Usually they add a little more syrup to the carbonated water to give it a better taste. I agree with you about it tasting b... Read More »

Dr Pepper Or Sprite?

Dr. Pepper. I've been in Italy for the last month, and there is no Dr. Pepper! I'm craving it!!

Sprite or Dr.Pepper?

Sprite......Refreshing.I also like the Afroman salesperson.