Is spraining your ankle/wrist a big deal?

Answer Not really - I've broken my arm three times and sprained it once, and the sprain was not a big deal at all. I didn't need a cast (I only needed a brace) and I only had to keep my brace on for a wee... Read More »

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When is it safe to go jogging after spraining your ankle?

When you feel like you can walk without pain or a limp you should be able to start jogging again. In the meantime, follow standard first aid tips to help heal that ankle:1.) Keep it elevated on a p... Read More »

How long does it take to be 100% fit again after badly spraining your ankle?

all the answers above are wrong, i can tell you that for certain, here is a medical view of it:okay, there are three `grades` of sprains; 1, 2 and you guessed it 3grade one can be anything from 3 ... Read More »

How can i protect my ankle from spraining againg ?

Wear an ankle brace!! Not a slip on one that Is no different from a sock! Get one that laces up AND velcros around that... Also do some exercises to strengthen it. I hope this helps :)

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