Is spousal abuse a felony?

Answer Usually no, but the crime of Domestic Violence can be an escalating offense depending on what state you are in. Most cases of Domestic Violence are a misdemeanor. If there are serious injuries caus... Read More »

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What is spousal abuse?

Spousal abuse is physical, emotional, psychological, financial, sexual or a combination of more than one aspect. The abuse happens to both men and women.Physical AbusePhysical abuse causes bodily d... Read More »

What is considered spousal abuse?

About 25 percent of women experience domestic violence, or spousal abuse, but do not report it, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Both men and women can suffer from dom... Read More »

When does spousal abuse need to be reported?

On One Hand: Is It Abuse?Spousal abuse includes name calling, physical abuse, threats and forced sexual acts. No one deserves to be physically or mentally hurt. Watch out for signs like isolation o... Read More »

Spousal Abuse Laws in Canada?

Spousal abuse is mistreatment or violence perpetrated by one partner to another in a marriage, common-law or same-sex relationship. It manifests itself in various forms including physical, sexual, ... Read More »