Who is the father of internal combustion?

Answer French scientist Rudolf Diesel was the person who invented the first internal combustion engine. Diesel ran his first prototype for the internal combustible engine in Augsburg, Germany, in August 1... Read More »

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How to Polish a Combustion Chamber?

The invention of hemispherical heads in 1901 marked the beginning of understanding the fluid dynamics of a gasoline explosion in a combustion chamber. By the golden age of hot rods in the 1950s, i... Read More »

How to Perform a Combustion Test?

A blown head gasket, warped head, cracked block or cylinder head can contaminate the coolant with combustion gases in your vehicle. These gases can turn your coolant into a very corrosive acid and ... Read More »

How to Calculate S for the Combustion of Propane?

Whenever two or more molecules react to form new molecules, energy is released and stored to form or break bonds between atoms. In many cases, the energy released and stored is not equal, which cau... Read More »

Combustion Experiments for Kids?

Combustion is the process that takes place when oxygen atoms, heat and a fuel source react with each other. Combustion is also called burning. Do not try combustion experiments without having a fir... Read More »