Is spirulina an alkaline food?

Answer According to HealthMad, spirulina is an alkaline based nutritional supplement intended to bring a balance between acid and alkali in the human digestive system without causing any harmful side effe... Read More »

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Is pumpkin an alkaline food?

Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are both listed as alkaline foods by the Wolfe Clinic, which specializes in natural health care. Eating alkaline foods can help move the body from an acidic state, which c... Read More »

Is tomato soup an alkaline food?

Tomato soup is an acidic--not an alkaline--food. Foods and other substances with an alkalinity rating of pH 7.0 or lower are classified as acidic. Tomatoes measure between pH 5.5 to 6.8, depending... Read More »

Are eggs an acid or alkaline food?

Eggs (categorized under either dairy products or animal protein) are considered to be a very strongly acidic food. Eggs can create a pH content of 3.0, which categorizes them as acid-forming foods.... Read More »

Whats with "alkaline diets" People talking about keeping your body in an alkaline state for health?

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