Is spicy food bad for you as you get older in age?

Answer this question depends on your health as an individual ages. as you get older certain health problems arise which could and can be exasperated by spicy foods.but there are millions of people in Ind... Read More »

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Is spicy food bad for you?

I'm from New Orleans, and I say that spicy food is the best (and only) food!

How to Fix Food That Is Too Spicy and Hot?

You can tone down the spice level in hot foods by making a few simple additions to the recipe. Food that has been over-spiced can become extremely hot and difficult to eat without discomfort. Capsa... Read More »

Do you like spicy food?

How to Eat Spicy Food?

There's spicy food in every country, and most people have eaten something spicy at some point of their life. It's a great part of the culinary culture. To get some good and basic knowledge on how t... Read More »