How to Spat Tape?

Answer Spat taping, or "spatting," is much more than a fashion statement. Though using colored spat tape or writing messages on the tape does add flair to the player's appearance, it is also helpful again... Read More »

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I spat up blood this morning, am I okay?

I would go see your doctor immediately. That is not good !

How to Get Into Spat Tower in "Ham Ham Heartbreak"?

In "Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak" for the Game Boy Advance, you play as the cartoon hamsters from the anime series "Hamtaro." The adventure takes you across the small world of "Hamtaro" to battle a ... Read More »

How to Make Spat Boots?

Spats are shoe covers, usually white, that are often used in costumes or to achieve a look such as a Victorian style. You can make white spats for your own boots and customize the spats to your foo... Read More »

I spat after tooth extraction about 30 times..?

keep it moist with water. drink water! not with a straw though!!!