Is spanking children illegal in California?

Answer No as long as it doesn't turn into abuse. Never spank in anger.

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Do you think the government should put restrictions on spanking children?

my view is In the bible its says dont spare the rod. meaning dont let your kids get away with wrong doings. I think theres a BOLD line between spanking and beating. and in assulting like punching.... Read More »

Is spanking of children legal in new york?

Spanking of children is legal in NY State and most others. However, spanking that leaves a mark may be considered excessive and would not be considered legal. You should know that there are more ef... Read More »

Does New York approve of spanking children?

AnswerNEW YORK Neglecting a child includes unreasonably inflicting or allowing the infliction of harm or substantial risk thereof, including excessive corporal punishment. Fam. Ct. Sec. 1012.[Ci.] ... Read More »

What is the law in Michigan in regards to spanking children or smacking them in the face if not abusive?

depends on what you consider a spanking. A smack on the butt wont get you thrown in jail , a smack in the face might