Is southwest airlines safe to fly?

Answer On One Hand: On One Hand: Southwest Has a Strong Safety RecordSouthwest Airlines currently operates approximately 3,500 flights each day, and is one of the largest carriers in the world. Since begi... Read More »

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Is Southwest Airlines safe?

Southwest Airlines has never had a fatal event. This is one of the safest flying records in the airline industry. Southwest was, however, sited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2008 ... Read More »

Is southwest airlines a safe airline to fly with?

On One Hand: They've Had No Fatal EventsSouthwest Airlines, which has been operating as a commercial carrier since 1971, has had no fatal incidents occur on its flights as of March 2010, despite tw... Read More »

Can a pet fly on southwest airlines?

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to travel with small, vaccinated dogs and cats. If the pet is carried on board, the pet carrier counts as the traveler's carry-on bag. As of January 2010, South... Read More »

What is the product mix for southwest airlines?

A company's "product mix," according to Creighton University, refers to its various product lines. Everything Southwest Airlines offers its customers is part of its product mix.Airline FlightsSouth... Read More »