What show is better South Park of Family Guy?

Answer SOUTH PARK family guy is the same **** i can't watch that **** its isn't funny all it is. is "this is like that time " or "at least this is better than that time when" and its always the stupidest... Read More »

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Which do you like better south park or family guy?

that question really made me think hard, i think family guy is funny for how retarded it is, and i like south park because of the bad words.So, i think i like BOTH!!!!you ****ing *ss hole, dont you... Read More »

Which is better The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad,South Park or King of the Hill?

Family Guy or South Park?

South Park or Family guy?

South Park. Much better for sooo many reasons. Family Guy wouldn't be on the air if South Park hadn't been there first. Family Guy is often offensive without actually being funny.