Is sorghum a grain?

Answer Sorghum is a genus that includes many species, including grain, grass, and sweet sorghum. Grain sorghum is used for both animal and human consumption and is a gluten-free flour alternative. Its fib... Read More »

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Water Consumption of Corn Compared to Grain Sorghum?

Corn and sorghum grain are the most widely grown and utilized crops in the industrial food system of the United States. Because they are produced in such massive quantities, it is important to cons... Read More »

How to Grow and Process Home Grown Sorghum Grain?

Homegrown sorghumSorghum is gluten-free and an interesting alternative to the typical home-grown grain choice of corn (maize). It is an efficient use of space as it grows close together, and it tas... Read More »

A question concerning Seven Grain Blend, or Seven Grain Cereal?

Oddly enough the last couple of days I have been studying rice and other grains and the ideas are kind of fresh.A grain is the seed from some type of grass, wheat, rice, corn, oats, etc...) cereals... Read More »

What is sorghum?

sorghum is a cereal grass with broad corn like leaves and a tall stem that's bears the grain in a dense terminal cluster.