Is someone stealing my wireless?

Answer you would not notice much differnce with a 100mb connection compared to a normal adsl connection. it's what most data centers use. where i work they are on a 100mb back bone for the web servers. so... Read More »

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How do you know if someone's stealing your wireless?

Not always so. The DHCP list will only show you users who got an IP from the router. If they set up a manual IP with the gateway to the router, they will NOT be on that list. I know, because I was ... Read More »

How to Tell If Someone Is Stealing Wireless?

Wireless Internet enables people to do many things they couldn't before; rather than needing to be physically connected to your router, you can roam the house and maintain an Internet connection. U... Read More »

Is stealing wireless wrong?

Well, yes it is wrong because the company providing the service is not getting paid for his usage. But the person that does not secure his signal is not very bright.

How can you tell is someone is stealing your wireless internet?

I agree with Dawn, you need to look into the logging capabilities of your router. Also, while you are in your router, look into setting up WEP or WPA security. There should be information and help ... Read More »