Is someone connected to my Wifi?

Answer Hi There,You can easily see everyone and every device on your network by using the command line.1. Click on "Start" then select the "Run" option....should be on the right side list2. When the "Run"... Read More »

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What does being connected to wifi on a smartphone do?

It makes it so you don't use your phones internet and instead you use the WiFi you ate connected to. It's a good idea to connect to WiFi if you have a limited data plan

How to protect my computer with wifi connected?

First of all, you can set up your computer so that even if someone hacks your Wi-Fi they won't be able to easily get into your computer (nothing is impossible, but you can make it very difficult). ... Read More »

Huawai smartphone connected to wifi, but not internet?

Yes, is there any other devices in the home that are experiencing the same or that are connecting ok? You have tried re setting your router and the DSL light is on. ? It sounds like a router / isp ... Read More »

Must I be connected to wifi to recieve a FaceTime call?

Lol yes. any other phone can video call without wifi (I remember I had a phone in 2004 that could viedocall) except yours.