Is somebody who drinks 5 bottles of beer every day an alcoholic?

Answer That all depends on if they NEED to drink every day or not. Alcoholism is an addiction. While you can drink 5 beers a day for a time, eventually it will become an addiction and they will be an alco... Read More »

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Is someone who drinks at least a twelve pack of beer a day an alcoholic?

If they deny they have a problem, and would have great difficulty not drinking for any extended period of time (2 days, 1 week, 1 month), yes. If he is hurting those around him, yes. If he needs ... Read More »

How many bottles/cans of BEER should a person drink EVERYDAY to call him/her an ALCOHOLIC?

actually it doesn't go by the number enki........truth betold goes be a persons dependency on the alcohol.......there are even several different categories of alcholic's ....there are some ... Read More »

How worried should I be Partner drinks a bottle of wine every night and a few cans of beer. Alcoholic ?

People are diagnosed as an alcoholic when the buying and consuming of alcohol causes them difficulties in their day to day living. It is NOT based on how much alcohol they consume.These problems ca... Read More »

Two men dying of thirst in a desert, one drinks a pint of beer, the other drinks nothing, who lasts longest?

The beer drinking fellow cause the other guy died from trying to take the beer from him.