Is solid hydrogen metallic?

Answer In theory, hydrogen should become a metal while in a solid state; however, scientists have found that hydrogen resists taking on metallic features the few times that hydrogen was put under enough p... Read More »

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How Is Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Formed?

On the atomic scale, metallic and molecular liquid hydrogen are different. Liquid metallic hydrogen forms under intense pressure. The planet Jupiter's interior contains metallic liquid hydrogen. Ex... Read More »

Which planets have liquid metallic hydrogen?

The planets Jupiter and Saturn have liquid metallic hydrogen. Each planet has several layers surrounding it's core; one of the layers is composed of this substance. The circular motion of the liqui... Read More »

Is ammonium hydrogen sulfide a crystalline solid that decomposes?

Ammonium hydrogen sulfide is a white crystalline solid. When immersed in water, it slowly decomposes into two different gases that are readily detectable by their smell: ammonia and hydrogen sulfid... Read More »

Metallic Vs. Non-Metallic Brake Pads?

There are no federal regulations concerning after-market brake pads, so it is important for consumers to understand the choices available to them and how they affect brake performance.