Is solar or wind power better in Ohio?

Answer On One Hand: Ohio Is Not Very WindyWind gusts must travel at 10 miles per hour to move large wind turbines, according to the Consumer Energy Center. Looking at the Department of Energy's Ohio Wind ... Read More »

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Grants for Solar & Wind Power?

The increasing use of renewable energy in the U.S. is being accompanied by funding opportunities for solar and wind power projects. Federal and state grants are available for businesses wishing to ... Read More »

Solar & Wind Power Machines?

Renewable energy is derived from resources that are naturally replenished or extremely abundant. Two of the cleanest forms of alternative energy are solar and wind power, both of which harness and ... Read More »

Is wind or solar power better in Minnesota?

On One Hand: Minnesota Has Plenty of WindIn 2009, Minnesota produced the third-highest amount of megawatts of energy out of all 50 states, according to United States Department of Agriculture. Most... Read More »

What generates more power: wind or solar panels?

On One Hand: Wind Generates More U.S. PowerOn a national level, wind generates seven times as much power as solar does. Large-scale wind farms provide seven percent of the nation's renewable energy... Read More »