Is sodium nitrate a strong electrolyte?

Answer Yes, it is a strong electrolyte. The fact that sodium nitrate is made of the ions Na+ and NO3, elements that are soluble in water, makes it a strong electrolyte compound. This is the first test tha... Read More »

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What is the difference between sodium nitrate&sodium nitrite?

Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are chemical compounds found primarily in foods. The two are commonly, but incorrectly, used interchangeably. Both sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite play a role in... Read More »

Is sodium nitrate a salt?

Sodium nitrate, NaNO3, is a salt. In chemistry, a salt is produced when a cation and an anion react to form a single compound. In the case of sodium nitrate, Na+, the cation, bonds with NO3-, the a... Read More »

What is the common name for sodium nitrate?

The common name for sodium nitrate is Chile saltpeter. Its compound formula is NaNO3. Sodium nitrate is an ingredient in fertilizers and glass enamels. According to Biology Online, Chile saltpeter ... Read More »

Allergies to Sodium Nitrate?

Although not extremely common, allergies to sodium nitrate, a food preservative, can be difficult to manage. Adverse reactions to food additives, such as sodium nitrates, range from 0.12% to 2% of ... Read More »