Is sodium nitrate a salt?

Answer Sodium nitrate, NaNO3, is a salt. In chemistry, a salt is produced when a cation and an anion react to form a single compound. In the case of sodium nitrate, Na+, the cation, bonds with NO3-, the a... Read More »

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What is the difference between sodium nitrate&sodium nitrite?

Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are chemical compounds found primarily in foods. The two are commonly, but incorrectly, used interchangeably. Both sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite play a role in... Read More »

Allergies to Sodium Nitrate?

Although not extremely common, allergies to sodium nitrate, a food preservative, can be difficult to manage. Adverse reactions to food additives, such as sodium nitrates, range from 0.12% to 2% of ... Read More »

Is sodium nitrate a strong electrolyte?

Yes, it is a strong electrolyte. The fact that sodium nitrate is made of the ions Na+ and NO3, elements that are soluble in water, makes it a strong electrolyte compound. This is the first test tha... Read More »

Sodium Iodide & Silver Nitrate?

Chemical reactions in which two substances interact to form two new substances are, in theory, reversible. There may be added features that eliminate the reversibility, driving a chemical reaction... Read More »