Is sodium a metal, a nonmetal or a transition element?

Answer Sodium is a metal, more specifically an alkali metal located in Group 1 on the periodic table of the elements. Sodium is found in many compounds, such as table salt (sodium chloride), but not natur... Read More »

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Is sodium metal or nonmetal?

According to Web Elements, sodium is a silvery white metal, which is classified as an alkali metal on the periodic table. Alkali metals are highly reactive and don't occur in nature.References:Web ... Read More »

Is sodium a nonmetal, metal or metalloid?

Sodium is a metal in the alkali family, though rarely seen as a pure metallic substance, according to Chemical Elements. Like all other alkali metals, sodium conducts heat and electricity well, but... Read More »

Is sodium a metal, nonmetal or a metalloid?

Sodium (atomic number 11) is located near the upper left corner of the periodic table in group 1, a group that chemists refer to as the "alkali metals." Nonmetals are located on the right side of t... Read More »

Is hydrogen a nonmetal or a metal?

Despite the fact that the periodic table places hydrogen--the simplest element in the world--in the first row with other alkali metals, science considers hydrogen to be a nonmetal, according to Sci... Read More »