Is soda still bad for you even if it has no sugar?

Answer imnsho, I think it's even worse if it has no sugar. Sugar is sucrose, which breaks down into glucose which is what your brain uses for fuel. That fake-o stuff doesn't do that. Better to just drink ... Read More »

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Is diet soda still bad for you even though it has no sugar and no calories?

I think it is better to drink than regular coke as far as calories and sugar but any kind of coke/diet coke/carbonated beverage is not necessarily good for you if you drink it all the time.

What soda or soft drink has the most sugar?

How does soda or sugar water affect the growth of a plant?

Most types of soda (irrespective of brand name - Sprite, Coke, Fanta, Mountain Dew etc.) contain a few common elements: carbonated water, flavouring, colouring and sugar. Of course there are a diff... Read More »

I am a Diabetic! Why is it that when my blood sugar goes up high I crave diet soda like crazy?

because of your body starts dumping insulin into your blood and makes you crave itgood lucksmile