Is soda still bad for you even if it has no sugar?

Answer imnsho, I think it's even worse if it has no sugar. Sugar is sucrose, which breaks down into glucose which is what your brain uses for fuel. That fake-o stuff doesn't do that. Better to just drink ... Read More »

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Is diet soda still bad for you even though it has no sugar and no calories?

I think it is better to drink than regular coke as far as calories and sugar but any kind of coke/diet coke/carbonated beverage is not necessarily good for you if you drink it all the time.

Can you still be pregnant even if you got a regular period but still have some pregnancy symptoms?

Answer It is possible to still be pregnant if your last period was unusual. Do a test.

I am a 14 year old girl Could I still have protected sex with my 14 year old boyfriend and not get pregnant even though I haven't even gotten my period yet?

There are cases in medical history of girls as young as 8 or 9 who have gotten pregnant, even tho they likely would not have gotten their first period for years to come. You are 14, which means it... Read More »

Soda makes me vomit after I drink even just a little?

Ha ha. Ahhhhhhh. I wouldnt include soda in my diet. Its very unlike any kind of healthy drink. By excluding it you should see an improvement in your health which I think you can count on.