Is soapstone a mineral?

Answer Soapstone is not one single mineral. It is many mineral deposits including dolomite, chlorite, magnesite and talc. Soapstone looks similar marble, but is softer, which makes it ideal for sculpting ... Read More »

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What is the trace mineral boron good for I have seen it listed on mineral supplements.?

Boron as an element is widely present in soil and water, and may be an essential mineral for animals and humans. The dietary intake of boron is about 1 or 2 mg per day. Boron has the potential to i... Read More »

Making A Mineral Body Wrap Using Mineral Lotion?

Homemade cosmetics, lotions and beaty products gives you the ability to use your own approved ingredients. Natural beauty and body care is not only popular, but beneficial since it does not use man... Read More »

How do I seal soapstone?

Use Mineral OilUse mineral oil to protect and seal soapstone. Pour a small amount of mineral oil on a clean dry cloth, and wipe the counter the same as you would using furniture polish. Other stone... Read More »

Soapstone Writing?

SOAPSTone is a concrete representation of the idea of what goes into a well-composed piece of writing. The method provides a step-by-step process for putting thoughts in order and targeting an aud... Read More »