Is snake venom poisonous?

Answer It's completely dependant on what type of snake you're dealing with but either way I really wouldn't recommend it if you value your life

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Sources of Snake Venom?

Snake venom is a type of saliva produced in special glands of some snake species. Snake venom contains proteins and enzymes, some of which are highly toxic if they reach the bloodstream of humans a... Read More »

How to Extract Snake Venom?

Snake venom is an important ingredient in the anti-venom used to combat snake bites. It is also found in certain blood pressure medications and anti-clotting drugs. Extracting snake venom -- also k... Read More »

How much venom can a rattle snake hold?

Rattlesnakes can hold from 1 to 850 ml of venom. The amount of venom varies with the size of the rattlesnake. The largest amount of venom ever extracted from a rattlesnake was 850 ml, drawn from an... Read More »

How do you know if the snake that bit you is poisonous or not?

Step #1 in finding out if a snake is poisonous or not is to look at its pupils: If the snake has slit pupils (as in a cat), then rush to the hospital - you have been bitten by a poisonous snake. If... Read More »