Is smoking worse than drinking?

Answer On One Hand: Smoking RisksThe Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that smokers are at increased risk of developing serious health complications, such as cancer, strokes and coronary a... Read More »

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What is worse smoking or drinking?

^^^^wrong.Alcohol kills ur brain cells, they never repair. It also doesnt get metabolised and exit the body, its a poison, so it collects in ur brain and all major organs with each drink u have.And... Read More »

Which is worse: Drinking, Smoking, or Cutting?

Which do you think is worse.smoking or drinking?

Well if you are going to go meet your maker then put a drink in one hand an a smoke in the other because both will end up killing you at some point in life.

Which is worse drinking alchol are smoking?

Everyone says smoking is worse, but i've never known anyone to get into a flight, or crash a car, or commit suicide because they've had too many fags. Smoking is not as bad as people think, and the... Read More »