Is smoking related to suicide?

Answer On One Hand: Percentage of Smokers Who Commit SuicideIn January 2008, AFP reported that German researchers had discovered a link between smoking and suicide. Research showed that smokers were more ... Read More »

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SMOKERS ONLY: Would you stop smoking if you saw someone die of smoking-related cancer?

absolutely i quit 22 years ago when my friend(who was my age)smoked like a chimney (as i did )drop ed dead of a heart attack .put my cigarette out when i heard the news and haven smoked since

Isnt smoking a form of suicide?

ive never looked at it like that..more fuel for my fire against my mom, dont get me wrong, she is mom, so of course i love her but he smoking has caused me some med problems, and in turn has ruiend... Read More »

Is this smoking or heart related?

This is a chronic condition at age only 23.You MUST do something about it.I would guess it's the smoking, which will also affect the heart.You need to stop smoking immediately, and satrt getting so... Read More »

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