Is smoking really dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Smoking DangersAccording to the American Cancer Society, the surgeon general released a statement that smoking is the major single cause of cancer deaths in 1982, and this is still tru... Read More »

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Is stopping smoking dangerous.?

LMAO!! Sucks to be you doesn't it? Hmm come to think of it since I quit smoking I broke my leg, had four surgeries, had an 8 year relationship end, gained 30 lbs, maybe you're onto something!!Se... Read More »

How dangerous is occasional smoking?

I'm not a doctor or know much about smoking except that it's bad for you. But i can tell you right now that you are still at risk for all the diseases that come with smoking. You may not be addicte... Read More »

Why is passive smoking dangerous?

Passive smoking, also known as secondhand smoking or environmental tobacco smoking, poses a serious health hazard to people who do not smoke but are exposed to dangerous chemicals by smokers around... Read More »

Is smoking nutmeg dangerous?

On One Hand: It Will Get You HighMany people have smoked nutmeg in the same way they would smoke marijuana. Although nutmeg is a legal substance, it provides hallucinogenic and sense-dulling effect... Read More »