Is smoking permitted in company vehicles?

Answer On One Hand: State Legislation May Forbid ItAccording to the American Lung Association, each state has different laws regarding tobacco control. As of 2010, most states have begun exercising strict... Read More »

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Are owners permitted to park their vehicles in the designated visitor spot at a condominium?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Read all documents that cover parking, including your CC&Rs, your By-laws, any Parking Resolutions and board meeting minutes that cover ... Read More »

If you have two vehicles insured by the same company and back into one of them will they pay for the damage to both vehicles?

Answer Check your policy. It probably has an exclusion for any damage caused by another vehicle owned or operated by anyone on the policy. Otherwise, everyone with a junker would be ramming into ... Read More »

What car rental company rents 8 assenger vehicles?

All the major rental companies rent 8 passenger SUV's.

In your opinion, which car company makes the nicest and which the ugliest vehicles?

i think hyundais/kias are the ugliest...some of them look like mutants, like that kia luxury car...the nicest i'd have to say is cadillac. throughout the years i've always loved their style. Same w... Read More »