Is smoking more dangerous?

Answer MUCH more dangerous. Kids that start at your age tend to become lifetime addicts, which is when tobacco kills best. Get out while you still can.

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Which is more dangerous, smoking or being anorexic?

They are both very dangerous. Anorexia kills you faster but smoking can give you cancer and other heart/lung diseases. If you are trying to loose weight neither of them work. If you do not eat at a... Read More »

Drinking a glass of milk...More dangerous than second hand smoking?

the taqbacco company was just trying to say that and lie to make it sound like it doesn't hurt you at all, I saw that commercial too.

Why is passive smoking dangerous?

Passive smoking, also known as secondhand smoking or environmental tobacco smoking, poses a serious health hazard to people who do not smoke but are exposed to dangerous chemicals by smokers around... Read More »

Is stopping smoking dangerous.?

LMAO!! Sucks to be you doesn't it? Hmm come to think of it since I quit smoking I broke my leg, had four surgeries, had an 8 year relationship end, gained 30 lbs, maybe you're onto something!!Se... Read More »