Is smoking cig worse then smoking weed?

Answer JAMA March 6, 2002;287:1123-1131, 1172-1174 article clearly states that Investigators found that, among pot smokers seeking treatment for marijuana dependence, long-time users performed more poorly... Read More »

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Would smoking weed get my coughing worse?

Duh! Of course.You know it makes you cough anyway!Your lungs are trying to expel something that doesn't belong in there!

Which is worse, binge drinking or smoking weed?

I've actually researched it and i found weed is bad on the long term but if smoked on occasion isnt so bad.

Is smoking a cigarette worse than smokig weed?

I would say weed is worse. You have all the damaging effects of the smoke on the lungs, plus the effects on the brain;

Is chewing tobacco worse then smoking?

You are probably more likely to get cancer from smoking, but chew is disgusting.After going through treatment for head and neck cancer due to HPV, I can tell you that any cancer in the mouth area s... Read More »