Is smoking bad during pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Smoking can harm the fetus.Smoking while pregnant can harm the fetus. Smoking raises the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome, low birth weight and other ... Read More »

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What are the risks of smoking during pregnancy?

The risks of smoking whilst pregnant involve early birth, underweight babies and asthmatic children. Smoking during pregnancy will affect the baby. Kids born to smoking moms are usually smaller, a... Read More »

Does smoking effect a pregnancy test?

How can drugs and smoking lead to underage pregnancy?

Answer drugs and alcohol can lead to pregnancy because people often don't realize the effects of what they're doing under the influence, causing one night stands Answer Underage smoker nods out on ... Read More »

How does smoking marijuana during pregnancy affect the fetus?

It doesn't. No medical professional will ever tell you it's ok to smoke marijuana, pregnant or not. There have been no controlled studies in the US because the government won't fund them. They only... Read More »