Is smoking a cause of cerebral ischemias?

Answer On One Hand: Risk FactorsThere are a number of risk factors for cerebral ischemia, including abnormally low blood pressure, heart defects, and blood clots. Most research indicates smoking may also ... Read More »

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Fetal Infarct as a Cause of Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a condition that results from brain abnormalities and causes disorders in the brain and nervous system that affect brain functions such as learning, movement and seeing. Fetal inf... Read More »

Can Smoking cause acne?

Yes, smoking can actually cause acne. I have heard doctors say it multiple times, I have even dated a girl once who use to break out in bad acne on her back and some on her face when she smoked. As... Read More »

Can smoking cause asthma?

Many things, including genetics and allergies, can cause asthma. However, smoking cigarettes, being near secondhand smoke, or even being near a person who smoked outside, can increase a person's ri... Read More »

Can smoking cause bad hygiene?

On One Hand: Oral HygieneSmoking can exacerbate bad breath, according to the website. The chemicals in tobacco smoke can stick to areas in your mouth that cannot be cleaned by sim... Read More »