Do they sell Swisher Sweets in Australia?

Answer I;ve never heard of it/

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How much do Strawberry Swisher Sweets cost?

Strawberry Swisher Sweets cigars are available in a variety of styles. Blunts and cigarillos are the most common Strawberry Swisher Sweets sold. Blunts are thicker and longer, while cigarillos rese... Read More »

Indian sweets, where can I buy those colourful tiny Indian sweets you get in the Indian restaurants.?

You should have asked your sister to get some when she went to india.

What Is a Swisher 38-Inch Lawn Sweeper?

The Swisher 38-inch lawn sweeper attaches to the rear of your ATV or garden tractor and collects grass clippings after you mow your lawn. Swisher lawn sweepers also assist in cleaning up fallen lea... Read More »

Is it ok to smoke swisher sweet little cigars if you have a nut allergy?

The thing to remember about small cigars and cigarillos is they have ingredients and additives similar to cigarettes. If you want to try cigars and you are sensitive to ingredients such as nuts, st... Read More »