Is sleeping with headphones/earphones on bad?

Answer it is not very bad, it wont affect your hearing drums or anything else, but you know, there will be some bacterias in our ears and when the ear is closed with something, the activity of the bacteri... Read More »

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When does a kid usually move from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a bed?

There's no set time. It depends more on why you want to move him/her to a bed.Is the kid is too big for the crib?But does that balance out against whether you want the kid to be getting out of bed ... Read More »

Sleeping with Bra's on?

First of all, your breast growth has nothing to do with whether or not you sleep with a bra on at night, some people do and others don't, it's whether or not you can actually get a comfortable nigh... Read More »

Sleeping with my contacts on?

you will feel more refreshed after your nap if you take our lenses out. it takes about 5 second in and 10seconds out no big deal it's worth it

The Advantages of Babies Sleeping With Mom & Dad?

The practice of a baby sleeping with her mom and dad proves a controversial topic. While some media has attempted to discourage this behavior known as co-sleeping, other research proves that co-sle... Read More »