Is sleeping with a man's penis inside of you safe?

Answer There could be a potential risk of pregnancy if he ejaculates in his sleep.

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Does soy products increase the size of a mans penis?

How deep can the penis go inside the vagina?

I know I've taken a 10-1/2" one balls deep and felt nothing but pleasure. So if you are long, then there are women out there who can take it. S

What does a penis feel like to a girl when it's inside her vagina?

It highly depends on the situation, but generally it feels warm and there's this 'fulfilling' sensation around the girl's core. Some girls may feel pain, especially if it's her first time, but it s... Read More »

What happens when the male penis goes inside the women's vagina?

This is called sexual intercourse. If birth control is not practiced it can lead to pregnancy.