Is sleep really like being half dead?

Answer I've never heard of being asleep referred to as being half dead. To answer your other question. Your body never stops working. Your brain continues to tell your cells to keep working. When you slee... Read More »

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Is there anyway i can get to sleep quicker because im up half the night trying to get to sleep lol please help?

You can try taking tylonel pm or benedryl. However, don't do it all the time. It's nice once in awhile, but you don't want your body to rely on it. Make sure that you allow enough sleep if you t... Read More »

Is the man from two and a half men really dead?

No, he just died in Two and A Half Man. In the real world, he would die some day.You can watch the previous seasons with Charlie in by FreeSmith video player. Read More »

Which dead president is on the half dollar coin?

The United States half dollar (50 cents) coin features former president John F. Kennedy. It states "In God We Trust," with the word "Liberty" going around the upper circumference and the year the c... Read More »

How much should a two and a half month baby sleep?