Is skin bleaching safe during pregnancy?

Answer if you want a black baby (no offence) then yes

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Safe Skin Products to Use During Pregnancy?

Many women do not wish to use commercial skin care products---which contain harsh chemicals---on the skin during pregnancy. Fortunately, pregnant women can care for their skin using natural, homema... Read More »

Is it safe to do the missionary during pregnancy?

yea its safe but it dont always feel great for the female and if you do it doggy style make sure you put a pillow under her belly it takes off pressure from the back and theres less movement for th... Read More »

Is pepperoni safe during pregnancy?

Yes it is--however it has a high fat and calorie count. Since it is spicy, it might give you heartburn. All in all, it is safe, but may not be the best quality food choice.

Is it safe to eat Christmas leg ham during pregnancy?

Meat is perfectly safe to eat as long as it's cooked.