Is silverlight worth installing?

Answer On One Hand: Programming BenefitsSilverlight allows programmers to create animation-rich websites. The software development tool is fully compatible with Visual Studio, so developers are able to qu... Read More »

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Does anybody know if the new Windows 8 is worth installing?

I have an extra computer with an extra 30gb hdd....just for testing....(windows 8 Consumer Preview)If you are just testing like many of us are.....then yes....Come early 2013, our systems will rebo... Read More »

My computer is has a 325gb hard drive is it worth installing more gb?

I would buy an External HD for around £100.I wouldn't bother with an Internal as you have to know what you are doing,and things can go wrong if you don't know much.Externals are cheaper and easier... Read More »


Silverlight is another media player like "Windows Media Player." Its sole purpose however is to put adobe Flash player" out of business" . The only purpose now is it to be used when watching the O... Read More »

How to Debug SilverLight?

A critical part of writing any code is the debugging processes. In this stage of the process, you check completed code for errors, much as you would proofread a document. The only difference is tha... Read More »