Is siberian ginseng mixed with ginger safe?

Answer On One Hand: Ginger & SIberian Ginseng May Interact In The BodyGinger can cause sudden or excessive bleeding when mixed with another supplement or herb that is known to increase the risk of bleedin... Read More »

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Siberian Ginseng Plants?

Eleutherococcus senticosus is the scientific name for Siberian ginseng plants which also grow in China, Japan and Korea, according to the website Botanical. Although it is similar in characteristic... Read More »

Differences Between Ginseng Tea & Ginger Tea?

Ginseng is a slow-growing perennial plant with big fleshy roots that comes from Asia. Ginger is a tuber from Southern Asia. Both ginseng tea and ginger tea are made from the roots of these plants. ... Read More »

Is fresh ginger safe to eat during pregnancy?

The use of fresh ginger during pregnancy has been touted as a remedy for nausea or morning sickness. However, ginger has not been proven to be effective. In addition, there are no medical studies t... Read More »

What is the difference of a male Siberian tiger& a female Siberian tiger?

The Siberian or Amur tiger is an endangered species native to the far eastern regions of Russia. Siberian tigers exhibit several external sexual differences.SizeOn average, male Siberian tigers are... Read More »