Is shipping a variable cost?

Answer Shipping is a variable cost. The amount spent on shipping depends on the number of products shipped and the distance the goods will travel. In some cases, the amount paid per item will be lower as ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Variable Cost?

There are two main cost categories: variable and fixed. A variable cost is one that changes with your level of output. An example is raw materials and packaging. (ref 1) You have to input more raw ... Read More »

Is Advertising a Fixed or Variable Cost?

The essential tool of advertising can take many forms but always represents a cost that businesses need to balance against their other financial needs. Because advertising costs remain the same reg... Read More »

Is labor a fixed or variable cost?

Labor is a variable cost. Typically the amount of labor required depends on the quantity of work to perform. Other variable costs include such items as utilities, raw materials and office supplies.... Read More »

How to Determine Shipping Cost?

Not only can you pre-determine the shipping cost of a package, you can do so with various carriers and compare their pricing before you select one to handle the shipment. Before you calculate the c... Read More »