Is shingles dangerous in pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Some Risk to the MotherShingles is an illness that attacks the immune system, making it serious in pregnant women, whose immunity is already compromised. A pregnant woman with shingles... Read More »

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Are shingles by your eye dangerous?

On One Hand: Shingles Near the Eye Can be DangerousShingles near the eye (a condition known as herpes zoster ophthalmicus or HZO) can pose a serious health threat. According to the Mayo Clinic, a s... Read More »

Are shingles dangerous to pregnant women?

if you are trying to imply that it is contagious at all, it is not, not even a little bit contagious. people only get it because of the vericella zoster virus (same virus for chicken pox), you can ... Read More »

Can you be around shingles with pregnancy?

On One Hand: Low Chances of Shingles During PregnancyIt is very unlikely that shingles and pregnancy will occur at the same time. Once someone has had chicken pox, it is impossible to catch shingl... Read More »

Can exposure to shingles affect pregnancy?

On One Hand: Shingles Early in Pregnancy Can Be ProblematicShingles developed within the first two trimesters of pregnancy may cause fetus malformation. However, it is very rare that shingles and ... Read More »