Is she model too thin Whats your opinion?

Answer add maybe 5-10 lbs than maybe the ribs that are sticking out will disappear and she'll look a little healthier

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In your opinion, what brand and model TV set is the best?

LG or Toshiba, they are the best quality trust me I just went through this very throughly on my own;)

In your opinion do you believe she has what it takes to be a model?

why isnt she already a model shes absolutly stunning any agency would book her it would be a crime not to book someone who looks like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Is the girl you????? if it is co... Read More »

Whats your opinion?

Your really really prettyim really jelous but i do think you have natural beauty and if you descrease the amount of makeup and give yourself a more nautal look both you and your skin will thank you... Read More »

Whats your opinion on kpop?

I'm a fan of k-pop but at the same time, I question its authenticity. I love the music and the idols (especially the ABS), but sometimes I wonder about the plastic surgery, the cat fights, the att... Read More »