Is sharp constant cramping in the second trimester of pregnancy normal?

Answer Hi there,Cramping is completely normal if: It is random and short cramps (WITH NO BLEEDING)Cramping is not normal if: It is contant,sharp and predictable cramps accompanied by bleeding and/or heavy... Read More »

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Is cramping in your second trimester normal?

Answer Yes it can be normal, i had it quite badly. It was the ligaments and your uterus stretching to accomodate the growing baby!If it really bothers you, check with your Dr.----I myself usually g... Read More »

Is cramping in your first trimester of pregnancy normal?

Answer For some people it is normal signs of body changes due to pregnancy but it is a VERY good idea to consult your doctor because it could also indicate a miscarriage

Is it normal to lose weight during the second trimester of your pregnancy?

Is having constant gas a sign of pregnancy within the first trimester?

Answer Hello - Being very gassy is a symptom of pregnancy yes. But if you're not experiencing any other pregnancy symptoms then I wouldn't think its pregnancy related. Do a test if you... Read More »