Is shared parenting workable by family law?

Answer On One Hand: When It Will WorkIn a divorce situation involving children, if both parents are amicable toward each other and are willing to work together for the sake of the children, then shared pa... Read More »

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What is shared parenting?

Here is a short paragraph from an article about shared parenting: "Shared parenting is the term used to describe a situation where parents are separated, but still sharing the responsibilities of r... Read More »

What makes a mother unfit during a shared parenting agreement?

What are the importance of family planning in parenting and children?

It is also very significant for women so they can plan their life and education and happy

Do instances of differences in shared values play a part in you extended family?

Some children in extended families do well with that arrangement while others do less well. It depends on which extended family you are, f the relatives are bad, annoying, cruel you feel unhappy, b... Read More »