Is shaking a sign of a mini stroke?

Answer Transient ischemic attack (a mini-stroke) happens when a blood clot blocks blood supply to some of the brain. Some of the signs of mini-stroke are trouble seeing, walking, talking, feeling dizzines... Read More »

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Mini-Stroke Signs to Watch For?

Transient Ischemic Attacks, commonly referred to as mini-strokes, are serious medical emergencies. A mini-stroke occurs when the brain temporarily loses oxygen and blood supplies. Mini-strokes are ... Read More »

I think my dad might have had a mini stroke!?

Get admission to the hospital and conduct necessary medical tests in order to prevent a second stroke.

What to avoid after mini stroke tia?

hydrogenated oils, sweetener, sugar, wheat

Is dizziness a sign of a stroke?

Dizziness can be one of the signs of a stroke, according to the Mayo Clinic. A stroke occurs when a there is a blood clot in the brain. Dizziness may be accompanied by numbness, imbalance and doubl... Read More »