Is sex on the day of the period safe?

Answer Sex the day your period starts is probably safe, let's not stop using BC just in case. The chance of pregnancy resulting from unprotecting intercourse day one and two of your period is virtually z... Read More »

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Are you pregnant when you have your period march 22 and had safe sex pre-ejaculation on vulva on march 28 and had period on April 28 and you still don't have your period now and its June 3 are you?

Answer maybe but your chances with getting pregnant with precum are so small compared to regular ejaculate, precum doesnt actually contIN SPERM though it can pickit up from the urethra from previo... Read More »

Is Toxim o 200 safe in pregnancy period?

Yes, absolutely! Docolax is safe and soft on the sensitive tummy!

Is it safe to drink period blood?

I hate my period. Is it safe to suction out my menstrual bits?

That is such a sexy thought! Lemme start the bidding for you. I'll offer $10.00..anyone wanna up that? (I think you missed the boat by not asking this is rassling..they LOVE you there!)You need tho... Read More »