Is sex for girls really painful?

Answer For the first few times, it will be uncomfortable. But if you are comfortable with the guy you are sleeping with, then you can become easily accustomed to the discomfort. After a while it becomes q... Read More »

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Is it really THAT painful to get a tattoo?

Well it is really painful to get a tatoo especially when someone is too skinny. The most painful place is definetly on areas were the bones stand out the most like the area around your ribcage. The... Read More »

How painful is child birth ....... really?

Labor hurts. How much it hurts depends on your labor, your expections (if you think it's going to horrible, it will be horrible), your preparation (tension can increase pain, so learning about wha... Read More »

Is childbirth really that painful ?

oh ya- not much like it !!!! it is a shame men can not experience this so they could understand their wives better - they should feel exactly what a woman has to go through in order to understan... Read More »

Are tongue piercings really painful?

I have my tongue pierced - it doesn't hurt when you get it done but yes, it can be quite painful afterwards especially if you catch it putting your tongue back in your mouth like I did lol also exp... Read More »