Is severe gas like stomach pains a sign of early pregnancy?

Answer Answer No, this would be due to some other problem.

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Are stomach pains that feel like a sore stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

AnswerNot really. Early pregnancy signs start around 2 weeks after conception. After you have missed your period (late period) you can buy a Home pregnancy test and see whether you are pregnant. Th... Read More »

Is a tight feeling in your stomach and sharp pains in your pelvic area as well as sensitive stomach to smells an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer Sensitive to smells is a definite sign of pregnancy. Craps and pains could be pregnancy, but could also be your period.Take a test to be sure.

Are stomach pains during early pregnancy normal?

Answer Stomach pains are normal in early pregnancy as long as you're not bleeding or cramping uncontrollably. It's called Round Ligament pain, and it's due to your uterus stretching to accommodate ... Read More »

Are major stomach pains off and on a sign of pregnancy?

%REPLIES%%FOLLOWUPS% Answer Mild stomach cramps can be a sign of pregnancy, but I've never hear of major pains being a sign. Answer I don't think so. If she bled for 2 weeks straight AFTER you l... Read More »