Is separation legal in Pennsylvania?

Answer Pennsylvania does not recognize separation as a legal state of marriage, such as widowhood or divorce. But if you have an attorney draw up a settlement agreement regarding issues of property, suppo... Read More »

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Divorce & Legal Separation Laws in Pennsylvania?

Legally, divorce is the termination of a marriage and marital obligations in a court of law. Legal separation refers to the legal process in which couples can "de facto" separate, while still remai... Read More »

How to Create a Separation Agreement in Pennsylvania?

Many married couples who have filed for divorce in Pennsylvania are able to amicably settle all the issues involved in their divorce. To save time and money they may wish to create a separation agr... Read More »

What is a legal separation?

"Separation" means a married couple are currently living apart. "Legal separation" means they're doing so under a legal agreement spelling out how they manage their finances, child custody and whic... Read More »

What is a legal separation agreement?

A legal separation agreement is a written contract created by married couples who wish to separate, but not divorce. The agreement is a written statement of the terms of their separation and can be... Read More »