Whats worse second or first hand smoke?

Answer for those people who choose to and do smoke, they are more or less aware of the consequences of smoking to their health thus they are responsible for their health. so i think second-hand smoke is w... Read More »

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If you had only one hand, would second hand smoke effect you?

If I were you, I would cut off my other hand to prevent lung cancer.

Can i get cancer from second hand smoke?

------------- The Largest study on Second Hand Smoke ever done by Enstrom…“No significant associations were found for current or former exposure to envi... Read More »

Are you exposed to benzene through second hand smoke?

Yes, of course. It's in smoke. Whether you inhale it through the cigarette or in the air, you're exposed.

Can you a fail drug test from second hand pot smoke?

Lol, no. You can smoke and then pass 3 days later if you really try. You're fine.